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The Good, the Bad and the UglyGoodBadUgly_cropped

The reason I am putting my hand up is because I am concerned about the direction the Council is heading. For over fifteen years I have been on the tourism board, established the Eco-fest trust, directed twelve Organic River Festivals, and I am involved with two environmental groups. I have had many dealings with HDC and believe I understand the culture.

The Good – You have to give credit to Council for the parks and sports grounds. People come for miles to visit the Dog Park and Adventure Playground. The Event Centre and sports grounds are also wonderful assets. These are the types of cost effective attractions and facilities we need to build on. The new library is also a great asset but I believe it could have been done at a fraction of the cost if there was more consultation with the community. We have to be cautious what we spent on bricks and mortar when we have so much debt.   (see economy @ tourism)

The Bad – There are two sides to every story. We are continually given the Council’s side through press releases and glossy publications but if you scratch the surface things are not what they seem. Over the years we have seen some disturbing trends with local government. Empire building and media control is rife, the democratic community structure has been replaced with a corporate structure. Commonsense has been replaced with an army of bureaucrats and council debt has gone through the roof due to a culture of indulgence. Investigative journalism has been replaced by Council employed spin doctors and the majority of council workers don’t even live in the Horowhenua! Remember when Councils were run by locals and their job was to looked after the infrastructure. 

And the Ugly – Our waterways are being polluted by Council’s who are doing secret deals behind closed doors to favour big business. We are now one of the most polluted regions in the country. (read more) 

We desperately need a change of guard that can put the Council back in the hands of the community. Vote – Malcolm Hadlum, for a better lifestyle.  

Authorised by D Hadlum 324 Hokio Bch Rd Levin

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  1. Ross C

    Very Good And it is great to have you and your wisdom available to turn this District into one we are proud of both Forward thinking and transparent in every decision we make for our people.


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